Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Addiction Of Tattoos

As many of you guys know I have been getting tattooed since I was 16 it started off small and it just kept growing from there and the first one was pretty sore but once you get that first one you just want more and more.. Growing up in the Jerome family we've seen tattoos at family parties with my dad and all of his tattoos, then all of the uncles had tattoos cousins you name it so i knew i was doomed from the start. Then when I met Bambi she had one but I don't think she was too into them but like everyone else once you get that next one it over. I remember coming home from work and Bambi having a new like every week it seemed like. We both have gotten tattooed by many great artist and some crappy ones too you just gotta find the right one and when you do you just sick with them and the experience will be worth it. Thank god me and Bambi have found such artist his name is Jose Morales and he works at Rock Star Tattoo over in Waikiki its started as just another tattoo and just another artist but as we starting getting more work done by him it grew into a friendship and we would consider him and his wife pretty close friends. He does awesome work as you guys will see with pics. If you guys wanna get tattooed by one of the best artist i know hes the one too call or just go check out his myspace page its www.myspace.com/joeyjose. Hit um up if you want an awesome tattoo. Enjoy the pics. I'm out

Nautical Stars On Wrist Done by Jose

Left Arm Sleeve (Tiger Is Colored Now)

Right Arm Sleeve

Koi Color Done by Jose
Skull On Elbow Done by Jose

Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil, See No evil Skulls Done by Jose

Spider Web Done by Jose

Another Skull Tattoo Done by Jose

Flying Skull Done by Jose

Female Vampire 1st Session Done by Jose

Bambi's Butterfly on ring finger Done by Billy at 808 tattoo

Bambi's Star Back Piece Done by Billy at 808 Tattoo

Bambi's Falling Stars Done by Billy at 808 Tattoo

Bambi's Girl Skull Done by Jose

Bambi's Angel and Devil Stars on wrist Done by Jose

Bambi's Fairy Tale Creature Done by Jose
Bambi's Fairy Tale Dragon Done By Jose
Start of Bambi's TokiDoki sleeve Done by Jose

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Dee said...

Dude! Dudette! I didn't realize you guys had so may tatts! WOW! I could buy a car for what you guys probably paid for them huh?