Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Addiction Of Tattoos PT.2

So me and Bambi went to go see our friend Jose about getting some tattoo work done. Bambi got a new one and I went so he could finish the female vampire on my thigh. Bambi went first and she got a female vampire, she was real gangster and laid there for 8 hours and finished the whole tattoo in one seating. As for me Jose spent about an hour and a half to finish mine add a border and redo the face. Pictures are below of the finished tattoos. Like I said before if you guys want a awesome tattoo go and check out our homie Jose at Rock Starz Tattooz over in Waikiki. Until the next post Im out.


Whateva'z said...

Tattoo addiction...I love it. Nice Blog!!! :)

Dee said...

is that on Bam's back? Oh my gosh COUSIN YOU GUYS HAVE TO STOP! STOP NOW I TELL YOU!