Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our Anniversary Dinner

Our Anniversary

Saturday November 29th was our 3rd wedding anniversary. We celebrated at Sarentos on top of the Illiki Hotel in Waikiki. We Took our good friends Warren and Deborah with us. We all had a great time. The food was wonderful.

The Happy Couple . . . So In love

Warren and Deborah so smiley

What else can i say Besides WARREN

The Appetizers . . . They went before we could get a pic LOL
(Calamari Fritti, Escargot, and Bocconcini )

Warren had Prime New york steak

Bambi's Pollo Pipieno ( chicken and italian sausage)

Jonah had Pan roasted Opakapaka with Lump Crab

And Deborah's Pasta Primavera alla Pesto

Thanksgiving Day !!!

Thanksgiving at Our House

We Had a very nice thanksgiving dinner this year. Bambi cooked mostly everything. The Turkey turned out perfect. Deborah brought pumpkin cheesecake and Pumpkin pie (sooo Yummy!!!) and Ginger made a ham. We all ate and ate......

The Turkey !!!!

Food . . . . . . .

And More Food . . . . . .

Deborah and Lady

After the Food We were all so tired!

Jonah Watching Football !!!

Lady even got into a little eggnog and rum LOL

Belly full of turkey

Taking a long nap after every gave them plenty of turkey.

Our Family

Here are some Pictures of Our Family

Jonah and Bambi from a small photo booth.

at Hanauma bay

here we are at the sulfer vents


Me again

Jonah and Macaroni

Jonah and Mac again (camping)

This is Rayvan

And our newest addition ... Ninja