Thursday, March 26, 2009

Inked Up Tattoo Show

This past Saturday night Bambi and I headed down to Windward Mall for the first annual Inked up tattoo contest that our friends at Sindication and No Fear put on, and before you guys ask yes Bambi and i both entered as did our friend and tattoo artist Jose. They also had a live painting going which was really cool. It was really fun and scary at the same time but it was a good experience and i would do it again. There were alot of people there with some really nice tattoo's. They had a bunch of different category's you could enter the category's were best color, best Asian, best Polynesian, best black & grey, and finally best Americana. Bambi, Jose and I all entered best color there were 21 people that entered this category so the competition was going to be tuff and it was unfortunately neither of us won but our friend Jose did win for best color which was cool. Shout outs go to Mike and April over at Sindication and all people over at No Fear for putting on a great contest. I feel like I'm just rambling on so ill stop now enjoy the pics. Jonah signing off..................

tattoo Bambi entered

the tattoo that I entered

Jose doing his live painting



Jose Winner for best color

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Dee said...

you guys get em yeah? looks like fun,